The Blue Pool

Blue Pool Wood Trail

Grade:             Easy

Distance:         2.5 km

Time:               45 minutes

Ascent:            15 m

The trail starts quite close to the Muckoss Park Hotel on the main N71 Killarney to Kenmare Road. Take the left turn immediately after the entrance to the hotel. At the start of the trail, there is some room for parking one or two cars. Be careful not to block the entrance. You may also be able to park on the side of the road opposite the entrance. As you park, have a look across the road – there’s a good chance you’ll spot native Red Deer.

For the Blue Pool trail, turn left after you pass through the entrance barrier, cross over the stream and into the woods. The trail is undulating and can be muddy underfoot in the winter or after some heavy rainfall, so wear appropriate footwear.

Cloghereen Nature Trail (Under Repair)

Grade:             Easy

Distance:         1.5 km

Time:               35 minutes

Elevation:        5 m

For the Cloghereen Nature Trail, continue ahead from the barrier and follow the guiding rope installed for the visually impaired.