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Control Methods for Rhododendron ponticum

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Hundreds of thousands of euros are spent each year in the battle to eradicate the highly invasive and destructive Rhododendron ponticum in Killarney National Park. This plant is native to the Black Sea Region and the Iberian Peninsula. It was first introduced into Ireland in the early 19th century and planted in gardens and woodlands for ornamental purposes and also for game cover.

In recent times Killarney National Park has been implementing a number of efficient and environmentally friendly control methods for Rhododendron ponticum. Conservation Ranger, Peter O’Toole has had great success with his control methods especially with the stem treatment method. This method is proving to be versatile, efficient and cost effective and is being extensively used in the clearance contracts that are underway in the park.

In the last number of years Killarney National Park has also been running a highly successful internship programme which attracts students from a wide range of courses from countries across the European Union. This internship programme offers students an exciting opportunity to experience working in an extensive number of areas across the park while making a vital contribution to the conservation of key woodland habitats.

Since 2012 Voluntary Service International have also played a pivotal role in the fight against rhododendron by running four, two week summer camps annually. These summer camps attract volunteers from countries from all over the world to partake in this immensely important conservation work.

For further information please contact Peter O’Toole by email: peter.o’toole@housing.gov.ie

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