Call Of The Wild

Call of the Wild - Autumn Watch 2022

  Call of the Wild…   Autumn Gathering 2022 The highlight of the Killarney National Park Nature Calendar Autumn watch...This year marks the inaugural ‘Call of the Wild’ Autumn gathering in Killarney National Park, on Saturday 15th Sunday 16th October 2022. Autumn is considered the highlight of the Killarney National Park nature calendar, the programme will be presented by the Conservation Rangers of  National Parks and Wildlife Service, led by Danny O’Keeffe,  District Conservation Officer, NPWS. Killarney National Park was the first National Park in Ireland, it encompasses 10,000 Hectares of diverse ecology, ancient oak and yew woodlands - the most...

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Killarney National Park Photography Competition

Photography Competition for 9 to 13 Year Olds

HERITAGE WEEK 2022 - Our Built and Natural Heritage. *** CLOSING DATE EXTENDED! The title for the Killarney National Park photographic competition is “Our History, Our Future”. The theme is tied in to Heritage Week 2022 which is all about the sustainability of built and natural heritage; Killarney National Park has an abundance of both and we want to see your interpretation of our beautiful landscape. In addition to the photograph, we want to know why you’ve chosen the subject for your image. In no more than 250 words, tell us what the image means to you, what do you...

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