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The original Kenmare House in the centre with Killarney House to the rightThe present Killarney House was once the stable block of a French chateau style residence that you would find in Normandy and Brittany. It was built by Valentine Browne in the mid 1720s.  Later a large red brick mansion was constructed at Knockreer in the 1870s. This ornate building became the principal seat of the Kenmare estate and the 18th Century chateaux was then demolished.

Unfortunately the red brick mansion was near destroyed by fire in 1913. The stable block of the original house was remodeled as a residence for the Browne’s and their staff between 1913 and 1915. This work was undertaken by Richard Caulfield Orpen and Sir Edwin Lutyens.

In 1952 the estate was inherited by Beatrice Grosvenor, a niece of Gerald Browne, the last Earl of Kenmare. By 1956 Mrs Grosvenor sold a portion of the estate to a property development syndicate based in the United States of America. In 1959 John McShain, a successful building contractor from Philadelphia, bought the estate outright. The estate, which included Killarney House, Innisfallen and Ross Castle were generously donated to the Republic of Ireland by the McShain family.



Killarney House and Gardens have been carefully restored to their former glory and today you can enjoy a tour of the historic rooms and take in the beauty of the gardens. Our new interpretive exhibition will be a gateway to Killarney National Park and lead you to discover more about this beautiful landscape and our work to protect it.

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