Cloghereen Nature Trail

Cloghereen Guided Nature Trail

Grade:                         Easy

Distance:                    1km

Time:                           1 hour

Ascent:                       10 m


Cloghereen Trail Road Signs

From Killarney on the N71 to Kenmare, take the left turn immediately after the Muckross Park Hotel. The ‘The Cloghereen Pool Wood’ is about 200 metres up this road on the left.

At the entrance, there is some room for parking one or two cars. Be careful not to block the entrance barrier. You may also be able to park on the other side of the road from the entrance. If you are here during autumn, there’s a good chance you’ll hear the roar and smell the scent of Killarney’s famous native Red Deer stag during the breeding season, or the rut.

The Cloghereen Pool Wood has been largely created by man-made activities. The pool which gives its name to the area, has served as a mill pond and a fish hatchery. For many years, the area was managed by Forestry, but since 1970 it became part of Killarney National Park. Since this time, it has developed by natural processes and the result is an area of interesting contrasts and pleasant experiences.

The Cloghereen Guided Nature Trail was the first nature trail in Ireland specifically designed for the visually impaired and is marked out by a guide rope. After entering the park, follow the barrier and then the rope with your right hand.

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