1. What is your Dog Policy?

Killarney National Park is a great place to exercise your dog and we welcome responsible dog-walkers. As home to many different types of sensitive habitats and land uses it is important that dog owners practice responsible use.

  1. Dogs must be on a leash within all areas of the park
  2. At all times dogs must be with and under the control of their owners
  3. Owners must pick up and dispose of all faecal matter
  4. Please keep dogs under control; they can disturb wildlife as well as other visitors
  5. Do not leave your dog unattended in a vehicle
  6. Do not let your dog chase animals or disturb wildlife
  7. Dogs are not permitted entry to buildings, except for Guide/Assistance dogs

2. Do I need a Permit?

Permits are required in Killarney National Park for the following:

Further information can be had by contacting :

  • The Regional Manager, Killarney National Park – Tel:  +353 64 6635215
  • The General Manager, Killarney House and Gardens – Email: infokillarneyhouse@chg.gov.ie 

3. Is Foraging and Specimen Collection Allowed?


As you walk along you will see some of the plants, animals and scenery which have made Killarney famous. Many more people will walk here after you, so do not pick any flowers or collect any other specimens and please don’t litter; leave the Park as it is for others to enjoy. Dogs are permitted on all trails, but must be kept under control at all times. Take only pictures and ‘Leave No Trace’.

For conservation reasons, the removal of rocks, plants, animals, mushrooms, and other materials from the National Park is not permitted.

Over a million people visit Killarney National Park each year. If every one of them picked just one flower, imagine the impact that it would have on the ecology of the area .


4. Can I camp/light a fire in Killarney National Park?