O’Sullivan’s Cascade

O’Sullivan’s Cascade

Waterfall Cascade

O’Sullivan’s Cascade is in Tomies Wood and well worth a visit.To get there go west from Killarney on the N72 and after passing the Hotel Europe look out for the road on the left for the Gap of Dunloe. A little distance after going over the Ferry Bridge which crosses the River Laune take the road to the left and continue to the section that has been widened to provide parking. Access is via the track in front of you which leads through farmland.

The landowner does not allow dogs or bicycles through his land but you are free to walk through. Please close the gates.

After entering the woodland by the stile on the side of the wooden gates, you cross a wooden bridge which brings you to a junction. The loop of the woodland can be done either way but the preferred option is to take the high road and get the climbing out of the way in the early stages. Access to the Cascade is from the lower road and the route is signposted.

According to legend this waterfall once ran not with water, but with whiskey instead. The Chieftain of the Fianna, Fionn MacCumhal, resided above the Cascade on Tomies Mountain. It was here that he kept his personal supply of the finest uisgebeatha (whiskey). O’Sullivan of Tomies was lucky enough to share this delightful drop, being the only man bold enough to stand up to Fionn. Unfortunately when the Sassenagh (The English) invaded Ireland, it changed into water and became known as O’Sullivan’s Cascade.